Weekly Journal Prompt

Happy Monday to you creative hearts! Welcome my weekly journaling prompt for 2016. Whether it’s journaling, painting, crafting or singing. Small daily creative acts are a beautiful thing. ❤️ so the first prompt for 2016 is “Today I’m going to…” Please feel free to share your pages, thoughts or experiences with this prompt. Have an inspired week!


I want you to know 

What you mean to me 

The gifts I have received from you 

How you have touched my life and given me strength

showed me openness

And fear


and the fact that being tiny sometimes is a protection 

That it’s okay to shrink back on the days I need a rest

You taught me to persevere through it all

to look back and to not 

To Learn from both the good and the bad

Ask the universe for the things I  want 

To find quiet when I  need quiet 

And to be heard when it matters most

Most of all you taught me it’s safe to be both loved and hated

Cherished and cast aside

Because it is in the darkness I deeply and utterly find the beauty of living with a broken heart 

You have shattered me like no one else could 

And it is beautiful