I tossed and turned all night last night restless, heavy, worried for our earth and the anger that these terrible events spawn. We want answers, someone to blame we want revenge. Someone to pay. We get furious and angry and vengeful. We get protective. As we should, as is necessary. But let us not forget that what we believe about our world is also what we manifest. 
I see so many people saying things like ” this world is a horrible violent cruel place and I am ashamed and worried and have given up hope” beautiful souls never give up hope. There is beauty here in this place. Some of us get to experience it much more than others, some of us are fortunate enough to have not yet seen war outside our windows, felt the terror of an angry unjustified attack . Others live every day afraid for their lives, fear and dread consuming their experience. It has to, to keep them alive to keep them safe. But there is hope and beauty even still. Let us not forget to seek it out and nourish it in our hearts and families and communities. I see that if we do not believe in the light the darkness will win. I believe there is no clear cut easy answers for these complex attacks. 
I believe that some of us have to fight and some of us have to love to keep this place from going completely insane. The warriors have my complete respect for the job they have to do. As do the lovers and healers , their job just as intense and cruel as the ones on the front lines. Let us all remember love. Healing for Paris. 


Then her world suddenly opened

And she flew